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Release v0.17.0

Resilience4j v0.17.0 has been released.


  • Removed all deprecated methods in preparation for v1.0.0
  • Issue #500: Fiex bug where default external configs in Ratpack apps are not honored
  • Issue #506: Fixed bug where resilience4j-ratpack fails to run when Dropwizard metrics in not on classpath
  • Issue #515: Added Aspect ordering feature in resilience4j-spring again
  • Issue #518: Added support for Vavr Try and Either return types
  • Issue #538: Removed minimum waitDuration constraint for retry
  • Issue #544: Fixed bug where CircuitBreaker gets stuck in HALF_OPEN when the last test request throws an ignored exception
  • Issue #530: Improved RxJava2OnClasspathCondition and ReactorOnClasspathCondition