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Release v0.16.0

Resilience4j v0.16.0 has been released.


  • Added a new resilience4j-kotlin module to support the decoration of suspend functions.

  • Issue #325: Added instance methods to decorate functions with a CircuitBreaker

  • Issue #431: Don’t prevent using other call adapters in CircuitBreakerCallAdapter

  • Issue #458: Fixed a bug where the reactor context was not available when using circuit breaker

  • Issue #469: Fixed a bug that registerHealthIndicator defined in a default config is not inherited

  • Issue #480: Fixed a bug in the decoration of a CompletionStage, if it’s a Runnable which is executed async

  • Issue #486: Added bulkhead configs to resilience4j-ratpack

  • Issue #489: Set the proper order of spring aspects to make thread pool spring aspect work properly

  • PR #478: Added a find() method to all registries