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Release v0.15.0

Resilience4j v0.15.0 has been released.


  • added: Issue #309: Added fallbackMethod support to annotations for Spring and Ratpack
  • added: Issue #268: Added a functionality to add configurations to registries and reuse them.
  • added: Issue #398: Added an event publisher to all registries which allows to execute code when entries are created, deleted or replaced.
  • added: Issue #273: Added a remove method to all registries
  • added: Issue #282: Added a replace method to all registries
  • added: Issue #291: Added support to overwrite all resilience4j beans in Spring Boot.
  • added: Issue #417: Allow to fully close a bulkhead
  • improved: Issue #311, #336, #357, #361: Refactored resilience4j-reactor and resilience4j-rxJava2 so that they try to acquire a permission before the subscriptions happens.
  • added: Issue #343: CircuitBreaker only allows a configurable number of concurrent calls when in half-open state and rejects all further calls.