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Examples of resilience4j-bulkhead

Create a BulkheadRegistry

Create a BulkheadRegistry with a custom BulkheadConfig.

// Create a custom configuration for a RateLimiter
RateLimiterConfig config = RateLimiterConfig.custom()

// Create a RateLimiterRegistry with a custom global configuration
RateLimiterRegistry rateLimiterRegistry = RateLimiterRegistry.of(config);

Create a Bulkhead

Get a Bulkhead from the BulkheadRegistry with the global default configuration

Bulkhead bulkhead = bulkheadRegistry 

Decorate a functional interface

Decorate your call to BackendService.doSomething() with a Bulkhead and execute the decorated supplier and recover from any exception.

Supplier<String> decoratedSupplier = Bulkhead
    .decorateSupplier(retry, backendService::doSomething);

String result = Try.ofSupplier(decoratedSupplier)
    .recover(throwable -> "Hello from Recovery").get();